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The Michael Wall Show

May 29, 2015

Michael Wall interviews Dr. Tom Mullins (Coach) and Dr. Todd Mullins on effectively transferring leadership in a large organization. Coach is the founding pastor and Todd is the current lead pastor of Christ Fellowship which influences over 100k people worldwide every week! Coach is also the president of EQUIP,...

May 22, 2015

Michael Wall interviews Todd Jensen, Chief Investment Officer of ARC Healthcare Trust. Don't miss this show as we discuss how you can make strong returns from healthcare related real estate and why the time to invest is now!

May 17, 2015

Michael Wall interviews Dr. Behrue and they discuss a revolutionary treatment for back pain. Learn how to live pain free! Special guest Samantha Wall joins this episode.

May 12, 2015

Michael Wall interviews Rick Reles, VP of Leadership and Professional Development and Nathan Leaman, Leadership Talent Manager with the Kohler Co. Kohler is one of America's largest privately held companies with revenue of over $5 billion. Listen as they discuss how to create a culture of excellence in your business....

May 1, 2015

Michael Wall shares insight on to find the right financial advisor for your stage of life. He is joined in studio with guest Dani Lassiter, sharing strategies for huge tax savings!